What we consume defines us

A complete programme of services, full solutions, and unparalleled client support are provided by Gracious Organic's formulation division, which specialises in the private-label production of organic and natural nutraceutical goods. Our product development team can offer specialized, exclusive formulas developed especially to satisfy the requirements of our clients and their dissemination method. We can plan adaptable production lines so we can react rapidly to changing market needs thanks to our vertically integrated manufacturing and packing process. We are devoted to your development and achievement at all times! Our facility satisfies any unique production needs you may have for tablets and capsules. Commitment to quality continues in all production processes and is the focus of strict guidelines followed at our on-site Quality Control Laboratory. The manufacturing facility is outfitted with cutting-edge machinery designed to streamline production.

  • Our experienced staff will update you on new goods as part of our commitment to excellent customer service, giving your business the knowledge it needs to maintain a competitive advantage
Taking in the best of nature

At Gracious Organic, we are proud to be a leading Indian organic products manufacturer and an ISO-certified producer of high-quality products. We are passionate about making positive impacts on the livelihood of rural India through our sustainable practices and innovation in the industry.

Gracious Organic’s Perspective

Organic at Agricultural Field

Organic at Manufacturing Unit

Gracious attempts towards Sustainability

Soil sustainability is one of the most important aspects of creating a healthy food system. Improving soil health by reducing the use of synthetic fertilisers and creating sustainable farming practices is one way to slow down climate change, improve the environment and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

At Gracious Organic, we're committed to helping farmers across the world make better ruse their land and make a difference in their communities. We do this through developing new sustainable farming techniques, suchas using held-specific solutions for nutrient management systems (SSNM) and promoting field-specific solutions for soil health.

Gracious Organic uses greenhouse-based seedling production systems. By using germination trays and water-saving technologies such as drip irrigation, we can greatly reduce the amount of water needed to produce healthy plants. Not only does this save water, it also reduces the amount of runoff and pollution that can occur when watering large outdoor areas with traditional methods.

Greenhouse-based seedling production systems are just one way to help make our world more sustainable. With a little creativity and effort, we can all find ways to reduce our impact on the planet and make sure that future generations have access to clean, safe water.

We have been working hard to develop our Field Specific Solutions (FSS) programme which includes customising the fertilizer mix used in the field to suit local conditions and providing training for farmers so they can become more self-reliant when it comes time for harvesting crops at harvest time.


We track the products from the farm to the end customer.

We use integrated logistics, shipment and input traceability systems.

We have a world class ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.


  • All partner farms of Gracious Organic are certified as organic.
  • Facilities for manufacturing and storing Gracious Organic are accredited.
  • According to Indian (NPOP), USDA (NOP), and EU organic standards, our company is certified organic.
  • Regarding the Transaction Certificates (TC) required to track organic crops, we comply with strict standards stipulated by APEDA and the Indian Ministry of Agriculture.

Cutting-Edge Manufacturing Unit

Our production facility is designed to provide precisely what you want at the precise time. To satisfy client demands and nation-specific standards for food safety, we may tailor production to a broad variety of crucial physical and chemical factors.

  • FSMS compliance
  • PCQI-trained staff
  • Biometric monitoring
  • Processing system under CCTV
  • Modern analytical instruments including HPLC, GC, etc.
  • Statistically sound sampling methods

In order to guarantee that we get the highest-quality raw materials from top-notch farms in the most fertile areas of India, Gracious Organic works hard to establish and strengthen partnerships with farmers. At every step of the crop cycle, we monitor, devise, and execute specialised solutions to preserve top quality. We have a committed team of employees that work to build and maintain acceptable production and handling procedures in addition to sanitary standards.

Quality Control