The Science Behind It

We consistently invest in research and development, working with our supply chain partners, to validate botanical substances with data from academic studies.

We make sure the raw materials we supply are up to standards in accordance with the Food Safety Modernization Act and Foreign Supplier Verification Program norms and regulations of the US FDA through rigorous accredited third-party lab testing.

Our R&D and regulatory skills

We provide pre-packaged or tailored solutions that satisfy the requirements of our clients and consumers while maintaining the highest level of compliance with international standards.

A charter for internal formulation that
goes beyond the laws now in effect.

Our internal microbiological control laboratories help us during the development of our products to ensure that we adhere to hygiene standards and microbiological cleanliness that transcend legislation.

The R&D team

Dr. Gaurav Mishra

Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety - IRSN, Paris, France

Dr. Shobhit Dixit

Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi, India

Dr. Sudha Chauhan

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India

Dr. G.M. Saud

HBTU, Kanpur, India

No matter what kind of product, we have a rigid formulation charter

We choose components and actives based on projected effectiveness while taking into account their ecological and toxicological aspects.

To achieve optimal conservation and healthy skin tolerance, the PH is adjusted.

We prioritise using natural materials, organic chemistry, and at least 95% naturally sourced ingredients in all of our innovations.

The effectiveness, acceptability, and skin tolerance tests as well as the verifications of the lack of sensitising potential are carried out by specialised outside laboratories that are impartial in their approach.

Safe products for consumers

We give cleanliness, care, health formulations a lot of consideration. Because taking care of your health every day need not always entail giving something up! Especially for body type that is reactive or sensitive.

We only utilise the bare minimum of ingredients in our goods because of this. Our R&D team makes every effort to manufacture goods that not only adhere to the International Directive but also utilise formulas that are easily accepted, minimising the usage of chemicals with a history of triggering allergies.