Contract manufacturing

A complete programme of services, full solutions, and unparalleled client support are provided by Gracious Organic's formulation division, which specialises in the private-label production of organic and natural nutraceutical goods. Our product development team can offer specialized, exclusive formulas developed especially to satisfy the requirements of our clients and their dissemination method. We can plan adaptable production lines so we can react rapidly to changing market needs thanks to our vertically integrated manufacturing and packing process. We are devoted to your development and achievement at all times! Our facility satisfies any unique production needs you may have for tablets and capsules. Commitment to quality continues in all production processes and is the focus of strict guidelines followed at our on-site Quality Control Laboratory. The manufacturing facility is outfitted with cutting-edge machinery designed to streamline production.

  • Our experienced staff will update you on new goods as part of our commitment to excellent customer service, giving your business the knowledge it needs to maintain a competitive advantage

Step-by-step manufacturing process

Development of concepts

Depending on the specifics of your product requirement, our skilled and informed formulators will help you find the ideal components for your business's marketing requirements.

Development of Formulations

Our traditional and ethnic knowledge and experience, which Gracious Organic offers, contribute to the accuracy and excellence of formulations.


Gracious Organic produces products in accordance with set Standard Operating Procedures and Good Manufacturing Practices. Our rigorous quality control standards are applied to all of our operations


Gracious Organic customises the packing of each private label product sold in quantities or packages to suit your particular packaging needs and specifications.

Labelling Scheme

We also offer reasonably priced design & branding services for your products by our graphic design team's skills and printing tools.


On demand, complete documentation packages are given as a quality control measure.

Sales Sucpport

In addition to our extensive product catalog, Gracious Organic offers you scientific support materials, qualitative and quantitative calculations, development techniques, and diplomas of analysis as part of our free sales support services. At Gracious Organic, we place a high priority on the happiness of our customers. We are aware of the effort you put forth to build your company. We are sure that our expertise, business understanding, and commitment will help you succeed.

Technical Support

Custom formulations and packaging
Pilot batches and short runs
Analytical testing