Quality Control

Quality and honesty are never compromised at Gracious Organic. We are aware of the faith our partners and consumers have in our goods, which is why our organization's only goal is to provide the highest quality organic speciality products & natural extracts.

Regulated raw materials

Our in-house collecting and processing of diverse botanical plants, medicinal herbs, and spices from a large region of around 10,000 hectares is the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of Gracious Organic. Due to our extensive collection, we do not need to outsource the bulk of our raw materials, which provides us total control over our production schedules and lessens our reliance on other people. This provides us an advantage over our rivals in that we can produce from raw materials that are natural, organic, and pesticide-free and have a greater active content, which results in superior extracts.

Having said that, we also have a reliable backup in the form of our devoted farmers and suppliers, who step up whenever necessary.

Process for Quavlity Assurance

Prior to being sent to the manufacturing floor, all raw materials are first checked by our laboratory specialists for their physical characteristics and active components according to stringent protocols in our on-site lab. Any content that doesn't meet our exacting requirements is discarded right away.

Full quality maintenance is guaranteed throughout the whole process, including sourcing, processing, milling, mixing, and packaging. To ensure that set standards are followed at every stage of manufacturing, every nutraceutical component is subjected to stringent examination, testing, and inspections.

Our goods must adhere to the highest quality assurance requirements, thus quality assurance is handled by a group of highly experienced and talented technical professionals. The most essential and important obligation we have to our clients is quality assurance.

Accreditation and Quality Certificate

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