Natural Organic Zinc Powder

Organic Zinc Powder

Organic Zinc Powder 4%

Looking for the best way to get your daily dose of zinc? Gromiven-Z® is the answer! Our 100% Certified Organic Guava leaves extract contains 4% zinc and other essential co-factors & co-nutrients, making it the perfect choice for healthy and natural supplementation. Get healthier, stronger, and more energetic with Gromiven-Z® today!

Organic Zinc Powder

Significance of Organic Zinc

Organic Zinc is a mineral found in many food sources, and it plays an important role in keeping us healthy.
It is essential for the functioning of our immune system, helps to maintain vision health, and is important for cell growth and development.

Organic Zinc can be found in foods such as nuts, seeds, beans, eggs, shellfish, and whole grains.

Eating a balanced diet that includes these food sources can help ensure that your body has enough organic Zinc to stay healthy.

100% pure and organic certified Vitamins

40 mg of organic and natural water soluble zinc are present in 1 g of Gromiven – Z ®

Co-nutrients in organic guava leaves, such as beta-sitosterol, aid organic zinc’s effectiveness in raising serum free testosterone levels.

The most effective use in

  • field of nutritional supplements
  • supplement industry
  • Pharmaceutical sector
  • beverage sector
  • food sector