Natural Emblica Officinalis Extract

emblica officinalis extract

Emblica Ocinalis (Aml)

100% Pure Emblica Officinalis Extract

Gracious Organic Emblica Ocinalis (Aml) assayed at 30%-40% in tannins and used for different medicinal purposes including: rheumatic pains, gonorrhea, asthma, hemorrhage, jaundice, dyspepsia, nausea, constipation, diarrhoea, eye disease, brain health, intestinal ailments, diabetes mellitus, coronary heart diseases, blood purifier and liver tonic. Amla is more popularly known as Indian gooseberry because of its resemblance to the fruit. In ayurveda this berry has been traditionally used against kapha disorders and it also tones up Pitta (fire) Dosha(body types), vitiates Kapha doshas

Product Features
– Promotes strong vitality and resistance to fatigue.
– Helps stoke the fire and eliminate stress and anxiety.
– Boosts stamina by increasing endurance.