Cissus quandragularis extract

Cissus quandragularis

100% Organic Cissus Quandragularis Extract

Looking for a natural way to boost your health and wellness? Look no further than Gracious Organic Cissus quandragularis extract! Made from the highest quality ingredients, this powerful extract is packed with pregnane glucosides, which have been shown to help with a wide range of health concerns.

Whether you’re dealing with diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, bone fractures, allergies, cancer, stomach upset, painful menstrual periods, asthma, malaria, wound healing, peptic ulcer disease, weak bones, or weak bones (osteoporosis), Gracious Organic Cissus quandragularis extract can help. Plus, it’s a great choice for anyone looking to build muscle and improve their athletic performance, without resorting to harmful anabolic steroids.

So why wait? Try Gracious Organic Cissus quandragularis extract today and experience the many benefits of this amazing natural supplement!

  • Cissus Quandragularis is a plant that has been used in the treatment of diabetes. The extract of the plant has been shown to lower blood sugar levels, decrease the risk of heart disease and improve cholesterol levels.
  • Cissus Quandragularis has been used as a treatment for diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease. Although this herb is not currently FDA approved to treat these conditions, studies show that it may help reduce symptoms and prevent further damage to your body.

Cissus Quandragularis Benefits Include:

  • Reduces High Blood Sugar Levels

Cissus Quandragularis Extract lowers blood sugar levels by inhibiting an enzyme called glucosidase. Glucosidase breaks down glucose into its two components, glucose and fructose. Glucose is absorbed into the bloodstream where it can be used by cells for energy or stored as glycogen in your liver and muscles. Fructose is absorbed into the bloodstream where it can cause obesity or metabolic syndrome (a condition characterized by excess fat accumulation). When you have high blood sugar levels, your body releases insulin which allows glucose to enter into cells for energy production but also causes fructose